How to Define Your Brand’s Identity

A look at the guidelines that build your online presence. In its simplest form, the internet has given people more options.  They no longer go for the easiest or closest…

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The New Generation of Socialites

How a social media calendar can improve your business. The idea of having a frequently-updated social calendar used to be left to the likes of Paris Hilton, but these days…

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Black is the new black

In design, as in life, colour attempts to dominate, our world is full of vibrant colours and our art as well as advertising reflect this.  But it’s the monochrome that…

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SEO Nerd Advertising Fails SEO Updates Main

Bad Advertising Fails

When unfortunate placement destroys the hard work behind ad campaigns. What do supermodels and SEO Nerds have in common?  No, it’s not devastating good looks (although this is very accurate). …

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