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With more than half a century of experience, and still growing exponentially, Krost Shelving and Racking offers a wide range of quality shelving and racking solutions for any business of any size.

They offer other products and services too, including mezzanine floors and lockers. Their reputation for reliable and effective products and services is what makes them great, and they’re only getting bigger and better.

Their racking solutions include selective pallet, selective storage, drive-in and drive through, cantilever, shuttle, and carton live racking. These racking systems are appropriate for manufacturing companies, distribution and logistics companies, warehouses, retail shops, document storage businesses, and in industrial settings. Moreover, Krost also provides racking services that go beyond the extra mile, as they strive to maintain excellent relationships with their clients. Part of this involves after-sales service, as well as help and advice on racking protection and repairs.

Krost’s shelving solutions are as follows: rivet or boltless shelving that can be purchased for light, medium and heavy duty applications, and bolted, gondola, systems, warehouse, and supermarket shelving. Their shelving systems are of particular interest, as these are customisable and can be manufactured to the unique requirements of clients.
All of their racking and shelving solutions are easily assembled and installed, which means that valuable production or retail time need not be sacrificed in order to have the best storage solutions.

They also manufacture mezzanine floors that can neaten up any space and make it seem larger. These floors include structural, rack supported, and industrial floors, as well as raised storage areas. Further, these all come standard with Krost’s special paint process that guarantees quality.

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