Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Professional Search Engine Optimisation Services

A few years back nobody had heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a way to get the highest possible ranking for a website on search engines such as Google. Today SEO has become more important than most other aspects of marketing and companies are devoting more of their budget to this vital aspect of internet marketing.

Of course, a beautifully designed website will always draw some attention by visitors who discover it accidentally and they will definitely refer a few friends but; the important question is; how many of these visitors would have found the site by themselves?

The way we find information on the internet is with search engines and, anyone who has done a Google or Ananzi search for “wine”, for instance, probably got over a hundred million results and found exactly what they wanted on the first page of ten.

Getting your site on that first page of ten for your particular search keywords, is what SEONerd is all about because that is what will guarantee huge daily web traffic on your pages. We get regular updates from all of the search engines, both local and international, so we always know the latest criteria needed to maximise your ranking.

Our team will detect and correct any poor programme coding, structural errors, and other factors that could interfere with the indexing of your site. We will then scan every page of your copy to improve its relevant keyword density, adding or improving image titles, updating page names and titles to match keyword requirements, soliciting and adding appropriate backlinks and generally combining all of the techniques learned over many years of experience that have proved effective in increasing our client’s web traffic.

If you are just want a quick traffic-boost, we can also offer our SEO or SEM services on a once-off basis to jump-start the process for you or. We recommend, however, that SEO should be an ongoing process in order to maintain your high ranking by regular monitoring and adjustment when needed.

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