Security Policy

Security Policy

SEONerd undertakes to respect and safeguard the privacy and security of all visitors to our web site. To this end, we offer visitors our assurances that we will NEVER share any information of a personal or confidential nature that may, at any time, be provided by our visitors with any third party.

No database records of visitors to our site are routinely maintained except at the express request of those who may wish to be added to any future mailing list that may be required for circulating newsletters etc. Those registered in our mailing list will be free to cancel their participation at any time, at which time, all of their details will be permanently erased.

SEONerd does not currently require visitors to the website to register and we do not process credit card or personal details online. We do, however, encourage visitors to e-mail our webmaster with any enquiries or complaints, and to avail themselves of any blogging and consumer survey facilities that we may, at some stage, make available. Participants in these activities can be totally assured that their e-mail addresses and any other personal information provided to the webmaster or management of SEONerd will remain strictly private.

SEONerd does, however, accept no responsibility for Information shared willingly and displayed publicly through any such blogging facility that may be offered.

It is our policy to maintain a simple and easy to use as interface to the SEONerd web site. We do not accept pop-up advertising or any other form of external interference on our site. It is, however, important for visitors to note that SEONerd` is unable to guarantee the security policies employed by other websites that may be linked to our site. For this reason, we cannot accept any liability for the content of websites other than our own.

SEONerd thanks you for your understanding.