Website Management

Simple Website

Looking for an online presence that will be found by search engines?

Create a basic website that includes:

  • Home page
  • Products / Services
  • About Us
  • Gallery
  • Contact Us


Enjoy the most advanced ecommerce online store that has a proven track record of handing hunderds of concurrent visitors as well as transactions.  If you already have a store and want to upgrade to a more reliable solution then look no further.

Security, modularity, speed and search engine optimised.


Ideal for transportation services of all types including delivery services, tracking services and a whole lot more.  This website makes use of advanced map and geotagging services allowing you to quote and plan your shipments.


Create a specialised marketing website where you can benefit from subscription and advertising revenue.

Social Media

Create your own facebook styled website quickly and efficiently.  Ideal for companies with large client or other social media subscriber databases that wish to leverage these "folowers" and maximise your revenues.

Advanced Website Management services

SEO Nerd offers a full range of advanced fully managed websites:

  • Technical brief
  • Website creation
  • Content and key-phrase planning
  • Website optimisation
  • Search engine indexing and analysis

What is an advanced website?

An advanced website offer three main views.

  • Public Facing
  • Customer facing
  • Staff Facing

An advanced website means that real data is collected from the get go and continues to build meaning management have access to factual real time business data.  Whether a customer calls or emails your company, or contacts you via the website you now have a central system manageing all these communications

SEO enabled

Seonerds will build your website using Google's best practice directives. This means that each page will adhere to the strict requirements of the worlds top search engines with an obvious skew towards Google.  Broadly speaking each page details a specific product or service that you offer and allows the search engine to correctly index the page.

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